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Hydro Solo-E Series

CR pump fitted with isolating valves, discharge manifold,  pressure transducer, pressure gauge and diaphragm tank.

  • Hydro-Solo
  • Hydro-Solo
  • Power0.5 - 10 HP

A Hydro Solo-E system consists of a CR pump which is a non-self-priming, vertical multistage centrifugal pump. The pumps are availables with a Grundfos standard motor (CR pumps) or a frequency-controlled motor (CRE pumps). All pumps are equipped with a maintenance-free cartridge mechanical shaft seal.


  • On the discharge side of the pump is fitted a stainless steel discharge pipe, a check valve, an isolating valve and a pressure transducer
  • A pressure gauge is also present in the system to measure the discharge pressure
  • A frequency controlled motor (Grundfos MLE motor) drives the CR pump for 1 phase 230V (1/2-1 ½ Hp) and 3 phase 460V (2-10 Hp) versions of Hydro Solo-E booster sets
  • All other 3 phase versions of Hydro Solo-E booster sets come with a CR pump driven by an externally mounted Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

  • A Hydro Solo-E booster set must be installed in a well ventilated room to ensure sufficient cooling for the pump. Hydro Solo-E is not suitable for outdoor installation
  • The booster set should be placed with sufficient clearance around it
  • 3 phase versions must have a disconnect ON/OFF switch for the supply voltage, which is not provided as a standard item with the unit. The main components of the Hydro Solo-E include the pump, motor and the Variable Frequency Drive
Grundfos standard motors – With external VFD
  • 3 x 208-230V, 3 x 460V (15-30Hp), 3 x 575V
  • CR, CRI and CRN in a Hydro Solo-E system pumps are fitted with a Grundfos specified motor. The motors are all heavy-duty 2-pole, NEMA C-frame

Frequency-controlled motors – MLE motors (integrated VFD)
  • 1 x 230V and 3 x 460V (2-10Hp)
  • CRE and CRIE pumps in a Hydro Solo-E system are fitted with a totally enclosed, fan-cooled, 2-pole frequency-controlled motor

Electric data
Grundfos Standard Motor / 3 phase

Frequency Controlled motors / MLE motors - 1 phase and 3 phase

Overview of the External Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Eliminates control valves and problematic pressure storage tanks
  • Harmonic distortion protection built in
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Less pump noise
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Comprehensive protection of drive, motor and pump Equipment
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Eliminates current in-rushes on the AC line
  • Protection from extreme voltage and temperature conditions

Features highlights
  • Sleep mode automatically stops and starts the drive as determined by user-programmed levels at low demand - saves additional energy and reduces wart on drive pump components
  • Electronic thermal relay provides motor overload protection
  • AEO (Automatic Energy Optimizer) reduces energy consumption and audible motor noise
  • Fast response time for control inputs
  • Standard protection features includes phase-to-phase short; phase-to-ground short; input and output protection
  • Built-in DC link introductors reduce hormonics
  • Built in H-O-A (Hand-Off-Auto) switch function on keypad
  • Alarm, warning and on LEDs indicate drive status

  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000001_____
      HydroSolo_E1 - (462.3 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000010_____
      HydroSolo_E10 - (395.8 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000015_____
      HydroSolo_E15 - (398.4 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000020_____
      HydroSolo_E20 - (400.2 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000003_____
      HydroSolo_E3 - (444.4 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000032_____
      HydroSolo_E32 - (335.3 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000045_____
      HydroSolo_E45 - (359.6 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000005_____
      HydroSolo_E5 - (433.7 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000064_____
      HydroSolo_E64 - (322.8 Kb)
  • Technical data
    Technical dataHydroSolo_E000000000000090_____
      HydroSolo_E90 - (317.9 Kb)



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