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HNH-E (DEH) Series

Single stage end suction, radially split casing pump, with centre-line discharge, incorporating the back pull-out feature.

  • Capacity (GPM)2150
  • Capacity (M3/H)488
  • RPM1750
  • Max. head288 ft
  • Discharge2 - 8 in

This non-clogging performer is designed to handle fluids containing large solids (up to the full diameter of the discharge); fragile solids, such as crystals, carbon and even live shellfish; abrasives; as well as long fibrous and stringy materials.

Fully Recessed Impeller Pumps

  • High Hydraulic efficiency
  • Low wear characteristics
  • Large solids handling ability
  • Low shear of solids
  • Only 15% of pumped liquid is in contact with impeller
  • Self venting casing design
  • Versatility of design
  • Simplicity of design
  • Low Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
  • Long MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)


Non clogging
The recessed impeller permits an unobstructed passage through the pump casing and this allows solids up to the full diameter of the discharge to pass through without the danger of clogging. Long fiberous materials can also be handled without difficulty.

Efficiency is in the casing
The DEH pump design incorporates an axial spiral in the concentric casing which ensures that flowing solids are discharged quickly as a result reducing internal recirculation, which is detrimental to the hydraulic efficiencies and pump wear life.

Low shear = low wear
Due to the natural flow of the fluid through the pump casing and the fact that the flow is virtually isolated from the impeller (only 15% of pumped liquid is in contact with the impeller), fragile solids such as: crystals, carbons and even live shellfish can be passed through the pump with very little damage. This pump is ideally suited for low shear applications.

Simple design
The hydraulic centering of the impeller in the casing and its simple open design results in very little radial loadings on the shaft and bearings. Even under extreme conditions when wear occurs on the impeller, it is concentric and does not affect the mechanical balance of the pump.

Low running costs
Due to the improved hydraulic efficiencies of Toyo’s recessed impeller pumps, they absorb less power than their competitors and the gentle pumping action contributes to the improved wear life of component parts. Time has proven that these pumps require few spare parts when compared to other makes of pumps.



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