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  • Manual or automatic operation
  • NEMA4 enclosureOUI
  • Gound fault protection
  • Soft start option
  • Heather option


Benshaw control panels are open chassis sold state starters that provides its users a powerful group of programming parameters designed for flexibility in a wide range of industrial applications. Custom made upon the customers specifications.


  • Benshaw's RB series solid state starters combines the high performance MX2 or MX3 technology with a rugged, compact, integral bypass RB series power section
  • The MX2 or MX3 technology provides users with a powerful group of programming parameters, designed for flexibility across a wide range of industrial applications. Both MX2 and MX3 controls are providing simple setup and commissioning via the Quick Start Menu
  • The RB power section is a rugged, heavy duty solid state starter section designed with integral bypass contactors for a compact, efficient profile. The modular design includes separate poles for each phase and ease of maintenance

Key advantages
  • Small, compact design
  • Modular power stack assembly for ease of maintenance
  • Modbus standard / other Fieldbus optional
  • Multiple starting ramps for various applications
  • Integrated metering system diagnostics
  • Integral bypass contactors for efficient operation, eliminating the need for external fans
  • Integrated motor protection
  • Dual ramp capability for loaded / unloaded applications
  • Power stack with multiple ratings for application flexibility



  • Tunnel dewatering
    Tunnel dewatering

    Installation of a unique water treatment system on a tunnel boring machine (TBM). With a capacity of 100 m3/h, this Mudwizard system has been designed to eliminate sedimentation in the dewatering piping as well as the cleaning of the discharge line. In addition, it allows the generated sludge concentrate to be reused for a dust suppressor system, while increasing from 350,000 PPM to only 200 PPM!

    See the achivement
  • Mudwizard® 400 GPM
    Mudwizard® 400 GPM

    High pressure dewatering system with a 400 gallon Mudwizard®, including two pumping stations composed of Technojet MH50-80 / 5 cascade stage pumps installed at two different levels. The system allows clarification of water from mining operations before being pumped by Technojet stations. All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel and plastic to withstand the high sodium chloride content found in this mine. These Mudwizard® systems will treat the drilling water for recirculation.

    This system includes:
    - 4x Technojet MH50-80 / 5SS 150HP
    - 4x water tank made of HDPE
    - All stainless steel piping for saltwater application
    - A complete Mudwizard® system in PVC and Stainless Steel to treat up to 60GPM.

    See the achivement

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