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Flexible drop pipe

Offers sustainable cost effective and technologically suspension alternatives to traditional well pump installation.

  • Boreline
  • Boreline
  • Size1 - 8 in
  • Diameter1 - 8 mm


Boreline has been specifically designed to replace rigid risers. Because of its design, using Boreline results in major savings in time and labour. A pump and column can be installed and retrieved in a fraction of the time required for the rigid riser. Over the long term, Boreline does not corrode or scale internally allowing for further savings.


  • Corrosion free and does not scale.
  • Is not subject to microbiological attack.
  • Has tremendous tensile strength.
  • Superb hydraulic performance.
  • Has superior flow rates.
  • Available in continuous lengths of up to 200m or 700ft.
  • Is lightweight and rolls flat.
  • Is easy to store, handle & transport.
  • Quick and easy to install and retrieve.
  • Less manpower required.
  • Potable water approved.
  • Long life expectancy.
  • Advantageous in restricted working areas

The Riser
A special rib will be incorporated in the cover to facilitate the attachment of securing cable straps for the electric cable. The Flexible Drop Pipe shall be constructed from high tenacity polyester yarns, which are circular woven and then totally encapsulated to form an integrated cover and lining of a high performance polyurethane elastomer, which is approved for use with potable water.

Riser Specifications
The riser must have a minimum theoretical short length burst pressure and tensile strength as stated on the table below. The maximum extension should be no more than 3% and the maximum diameter swell 15%. The material should be capable of operating in water with a pH from 4 to 9. The manufacturer should provide a warranty of not less than 10 Years against materials and manufacturing defects.

The Flexible Drop Pipe shall be fitted with fully re-usable fittings each comprising of the body and two outer fastening clamps. The body of the fitting must contain two ribs over which the hose fits and the clamps are tightened. The two fastening clamps must be split into three equal parts. The materials of construction shall be 316 stainless steel for use with drinking water or where water is of an aggressive nature. The fittings shall be supplied with either BSP or NPT male thread for attachment to the pump at one and the head works at the surface.



  • Dewatering solution for open mine pit
    Dewatering solution for open mine pit

    SKYFlow "dewatering solution for open pit mines"

    It is an economical and easy to deploy in open pit solution. The SKYFlow can jump over walls up to 120 meters. This is a great alternative and a serious option in terms of simplicity and speed of installation.

    The highly resistant hose Boreline is part of SKYFlow thanks to its unique design.

    Technosub did the design and the "turn key" concept.

    See the achivement
  • Well installation for submersible pumps
    Well installation for submersible pumps

    Design, manufacture and fabrication of a pumping station for submersible pumps.

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