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DP Series

Heavy duty submersible slurry pump design for the world’s toughest applications.

  • Capacity (GPM)3200
  • Capcity (M3/H)727
  • Motor1.35 SF
  • Max. head130 ft
  • Discharge3 - 10 in

  • Pumps up to 70% solids
  • Handles solids up to 4.72” in diameter
  • Sizes up to 10” in diameter
  • Front (adjustable) and back high chrome wear plates
  • Heavy duty motor housing
  • Low RPM for reduced wear
  • Additional bearing support between primary and secondary seal elements

The Toyo submersible DP series was specifically designed to pick up and transport abrasive materials with the least amount of water. The DP is a pump and excavator in one. The design incorporates the patented Toyo agitator, attached directly to the pump shaft, which together with the closed impeller, large open passages for the easy passage of solids, heavy duty shaft/bearing configuration and custom built motor with 1.35 service factor, result in the most rugged submersible slurry pump on the market today.

Available adders

  • Hydraulic drive available (TO)
  • High temperature package
  • Mechanical seals
  • Further designs up to 600HP (non standard)


The Toyo patented agitator eliminates solids accumulating on the sump floor and can significantly reduce maintenance costs resulting from digging out sumps and downtime due to solids building up and choking off the suction of conventional pumps. It is because of the Toyo Agitator’s patented blade that the highest efficiency in material mixing can be achieved.

Jet ring
In applications where solids are especially difficult to pump, or simply where more agitation is required, Toyo offers a special high pressure jet ring. This combination of jet ring and agitator have proven to be a truly effective agitation team.



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