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HNS Series

The HNS range is redefining the submersible pump market by answering one of the most frequent causes of failure in the submersible pump world: mechanical seal failure.

  • Capacity (GPM)3000
  • Capacity (M3/H)681
  • Power10 to 800 HP
  • Max. head250 ft
  • Discharge3 to 6 - 8 in

  • Service Factor:1.15 or 1.35
  • 4, 6 or 8 pole motors
  • Class H insulation
  • Available with Extended dry-run (2-8 hours under full load before tripping temperature sensor)
  • L10 Bearing Life in excess of 100,000 hours
  • Shaft stiffness ratio <1

Plenum54™ Positive Pressure System

Welcome the revolutionary Plenum54™ to the submersible world. The patented Hevvy Pressurized Slurry Sealing system combines an internal self-generating pressurization system with Hevvy’s Slurry seal range. Together, this creates an internal oil back pressure on the sealing area which at typical submergence depths will yield a greater internal pressure in the sealing chamber than the incoming slurry pressure, ensuring the ultimate seal life.

Available Pump Add-Ons

The Toyo patented agitator eliminates solids accumulating on the sump floor. It can significantly reduce maintenance costs from digging out sumps and downtime from solids building up and choking off the suction. The Toyo Agitator’s patented blade achieves the highest efficiency in material mixing.

Heavy duty blades, located in front of the pump’s suction, agitates, chops, cuts and shreds incoming solids such as metal banding, plastic, wood, rags and bags, prior to them entering the impeller. The ‘chopper’ eliminates pump and system downtime by preventing the plugging of pump suctions and pipelines.

Jet Ring
When the material being pumped is not free-flowing and the agitator cannot put the solids back into suspension, look at adding a jet ring. The jet ring delivers high pressure water through nozzles to loosen up compacted and heavy solids and thus fluidizing dense solids mixtures into the intake of the pump.

Modularity Interchangeability / Upgradability

Has your application changed? Are you re-purposing the pump?
Not a problem for the HNS Pump. With its modular design, Hevvy can retrofit your existing pump to add on an option that you originally did not have, or change out the motor, seal or wet-end to meet the new conditions of your pump.
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