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HNC-D (DC) Series

The closed impeller DC Cantilever is a vertical work horse. Heavy-duty bearings and oversized shaft with no submerged bearings or seals. Capable of up to 70% solids, can transport up to 3200 US GPM and up to 30 ft TDH.

  • Hevvy/Toyo - DC Series (closed impeller)
    Hevvy/Toyo - DC Series (closed impeller)
  • Capacity (GPM)3200
  • Capacity (M3/H)726
  • RPM2000
  • Max. head130 ft
  • Discharge3 - 10 in

DC (closed impeller) series of vertical cantilevers are serious slurry handling machines of true cantilever design, meaning no submerged bearings, bushings or seals.

The shaft/bearing assemblies of a Toyo Cantilever have been designed specifi cally to handle the worst case axial and radial loads. All Toyo Cantilevers are fi tted with a combination of large diameter shafts, up to 7in (178mm), and heavy duty grease lubricated bearings.

The Toyo patented agitator eliminates solids accumulating on the sump fl oor and can significantly reduce maintenance costs resulting from digging out sumps and downtime due to solids building up and choking off the suction of conventional pumps. It is because of the Toyo Agitator’s patented blade that the highest efficiency in material mixing can be achieved.

Heavy duty blades, situated in front of the pump’s suction, agitates, chops, cuts, shreds incoming solids such as metal banding, plastic, wood, rags and bags, prior to them entering the impeller. The ‘chopper’ eliminates pump and system downtime by preventing the plugging of pump suctions and pipelines.



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