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Technosub has developed over the years several programs that are unique and can facilitate the daily operations of its customers.  Here are a few:

Exchange program

In keeping with the objective of avoiding production downtime, Technosub has developed an exchange program. In exchange of your defective pump you immediately receive a pump equivalent to yours. We refurbish the defective pump and it becomes our property and the exchange pump sent to you becomes your property. You pay for the cost of repairs to the refurbished pump. This saves on rental fees and eliminates production downtime.

Consignment program

Your site location can prove to be a problem when it comes to quickly replacing a broken-down pump.  Depending on your site location, customers who meet the requirements can store spare pumps directly on site allowing for swift replacement in case of a break down. The spare pump is put into service, the defective pump is sent to Technosub for repairs. The Customer only pay the cost of repairs of the cost of repairs of the defective pump. The repaired pump is then returned to you on site as soon as possible, ready for use, should the need arise.

If your mine site is near one of our warehouses, Technosub is able to store the replacement pump in our warehouse where it would be reserved for your use.

Rental & purchase program

In keeping with our goal to meet our customers’ needs, Technosub has developed a pump rental program with the option to purchase the rented pump. For instance, a pump can be purchased through rental over a six month period allowing our customer time to pay for the purchase, interest free.

The rental period can vary from
  • By day
  • By week
  • By month
  • Long time period

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