Turnkey solutions

At Technosub, we have the knowledge and resources to manufacture custom industrial pumps, parts and assemblies. Our integrated solutions department has multidisciplinary engineers, technicians, designers and coordinators (mining, mechanical, electrical) who are ready to take on countless tasks to get your projects done.

Our service offering doesn’t stop at pumping products and solutions. Our engineers and technical representatives are always up to your challenges—anywhere, anytime.

Specialized technical services:

  • Audit of your pump facilities
  • General drawings, plans and arrangements
  • Site support, engineering solutions and commissioning
  • Complete pipe design, from parts selection to pipe protection
  • Detailed drawings
  • Basin and sump design
  • Piping calculations
  • Support and advice on valve selection and control and programming panels and instrumentation.
  • Operation sequence development
  • Protection against cavitation and water hammers
  • Installation methods
Impeller and engineering plan
Pump school
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Tailored products

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