High-pressure pump manufacturing


Design and manufacture of high-pressure pumps for an acidic environment

For this mandate, we designed two pumping stations at the mine site that could withstand acidic water.

These systems incorporated stainless steel components, ensuring corrosion resistance while significantly increasing the flow of pumped water. This custom design was tailored specifically to the needs of the mine site, ensuring optimal performance and increased durability.

To complete this project, we manufactured and used the following products:

Multi-stage centrifugal pump

  • 2 Technojet MH series pumps | 4 stages | 250 HP | 575 V | 1800 RPM | 1000 GPM | 400 feet
  • 2 Technojet MH series pumps | 7 stages | 400 HP | 575 V | 1800 RPM | 1000 GPM | 800 feet
Technosub Série MH modèle MH125-150 4 stage et 7 stage


Rapid project delivery
Durability and increased efficiency


Iron in water
Stainless steel alternative required to avoid this contamination.
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