Mobile pumping unit


Design and production of a custom mobile pumping unit to meet client’s specific needs

To meet the increasing demand for water pumping in the pit, our team made significant changes and improvements to the previous version of the equipment. Firstly, the tank capacity was increased to approximately 10,000 gallons. We also opted for a square tank, which maximized the available volume while preserving the unit’s portability.

A power cable holder was added to the side of the tank to prevent possible damage when transporting the unit.

The unit was mounted on skids to make it easier to move over various types of terrain and eliminate the need for additional lifting equipment. The optimization of this mobile pumping unit makes it the ideal choice for pumping operations in the field.

  • Tsurumi LH model | 150 HP
Technosub unité mobile de pompage


Versatile solution
Almost all components of the mobile pumping unit are interchangeable
Multi-purpose, fast and flexible
Sturdy and waterproof tank


Ensuring tank with built-in door is watertight
Increasing pumping efficiency of new equipment
Site accessibility
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